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pykep is a scientific library developed at the European Space Agency to provide basic tools for astrodynamics research. Algoritmic efficiency is a main focus of the library, written in C++ and exposed to Python. At the library core is the implementation of an efficient solver for the multiple revolutions Lambert’s problem, objects representing direct (Sims-Flanagan), indirect (Pontryagin) and hybrid methods to represent low-thrust optimization problems, efficient keplerian propagators, Taylor-integrators, a SGP4 propagator, TLE and SATCAT support, JPL SPICE code interface and more.

pykep has been used by the European Space Agency’s Advanced Concepts Team during different Global Trajectory Optimization Competitions GTOC, several research papers as well as for the optimization of preliminary mission scenarios such as in the M-ARGO interplanetary cubesat concept, the phase 0 study for the The Titan and Enceladus Mission (TandEM) and for preliminary mission analysis of the HERA mission.

Please quote pykep code using the information in Zenodo.