Member function BFE#

New in version 2.11.

#include <pagmo/batch_evaluators/member_bfe.hpp>

class member_bfe#

This class is a user-defined batch fitness evaluator (UDBFE) that can be used to construct a bfe. member_bfe is a simple wrapper which delegates batch fitness evaluations to the input problem’s pagmo::problem::batch_fitness() member function.

vector_double operator()(const problem &p, const vector_double &dvs) const#

Call operator.

The call operator will pass dvs to the input problem p’s pagmo::problem::batch_fitness() member function, and return its output. If the UDP stored within p does not implement pagmo::problem::batch_fitness(), an error will be raised.

  • p – the input problem.

  • dvs – the input decision vectors that will be evaluated.


the fitness vectors corresponding to the input decision vectors in dvs.


unspecified – any exception raised by the invocation of p’s pagmo::problem::batch_fitness() member function.

std::string get_name() const#

a human-readable name for this member_bfe.