Who is behind the mysterious and ubiquitous “pagmo development team”? What is the elusive and yet so resourceful “pagmo foundation”? Who pays for all of this? Who is using it?

Pagmo/pygmo is a software developed and offered to the users in a full FLOSS philosophy. We have created it, mostly, in our spare time and as a tool to explore some research ideas we started nourishing since our early investigations into the evolutionary computations / optimization field.

We use pagmo in the context of our work for the European Space Agency to evolve interplanetary spacecraft trajectories as well as designs for spacecraft parts and more, but its capabilities go well beyond these applications.

Over the years, our work attracted a wider interest. We acknowledge and thanks the support of Google and The Dow Corporation during some phases of the development, and of the European Space Agency for having put us together in the Advanced Concepts Team, back in 2006, where it all started.

Main developers#

Francesco Biscani - Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

Dario Izzo - European Space Agency

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